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Pediatric acute osteomyelitis puncture model (with electronic monitoring)


Product introduction:

The model's lower limbs have obvious bony signs, appearance and feel, and the skin is resistant to needle puncture. After successful puncture, simulated pus is drawn out and is equipped with a voice prompt function.
Function parameter:
1. The model simulates the production of the child's left leg. There is a simulated leg support inside the model, and the bone marks on the body surface of the leg are obvious.
2. Select PU foam to simulate leg muscles and polymer skin to make the model look and feel real.
3. Press the knee joint edema position, there is "pain" voice prompts.

4. The simulation model of the skin is resistant to acupuncture, and the effect of needle insertion is simulated in clinical real children. After successful puncture, simulated bone marrow fluid is drawn.


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