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Founded in 1994, Jucheng Medical simulation education Co., Ltd. is the pioneer of the rise of China's medical simulation education industry. After 25 years of hard work, the company has accumulated relatively complete industrial technical strength, and has developed into a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise integrating research, development, production and service. The independent research and development ability is in the leading level in China.

The company's headquarters and production base are located in Liaoning Free Trade zone and Yingkou (national level) high-tech industrial park. It has successively established Jucheng (Shijiazhuang) Software development Branch and Juchengming (Beijing) Medical Simulation Technology Research Institute Co., LTD. The company has more than 400 employees, including more than 120 r&d and engineering technicians. The company has a total construction area of more than 35,000 square meters, complete production equipment and process equipment, and its production capacity and scale occupy a leading position in the industry.

Giant into (Beijing) institute of medical simulation education kechuang center planning and construction, is the core of company development strategy. In 2019, the center was transferred to China Industrial Development Promotion Association of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Relying on the Grand Health Industry Alliance, the center set up an industrialization development organization with the in-depth integration of "government, industry, university, Research and application", aiming to create a professional technology and service system for medical simulation education. Develop the operation mode of industrialization, and promote the development of medical education through the continuous promotion of industrial development。

Company core products and services

Core product——

The key advantages of the company's core products are embodied in the organic combination of teaching elements such as "patient simulation with high simulation intelligence as the center, case - or organ-oriented, clinical thinking as the main line, situational clinical ability operation training, intelligent feedback and objective analysis and evaluation".
The company's core products focus on the development and service of "information-based, networked, intelligent and situational integrated solutions", fully displaying the advanced technical performance and modern educational mode of "educational agent".

Company core products and services

company service——

Companies to develop "medical simulation education technology", as the representative of service-oriented manufacturing and producer services, is committed to provide professional services to industry, in line with the "made in China 2025" nine strategic task in the "positive development of service-oriented manufacturing and producer services" is one of the key, is the national ministry of, development and reform commission (NDRC), China academy of engineering of the development of a service-oriented manufacturing special operation guide of typical model. Relying on the industrial alliance established by science and technology Innovation Center and combining with standard mode customer groups, the company provides information, network and intelligent products and services. Combining with the actual needs of medical schools, provide personalized specific consulting and solutions; Provide customized system solutions based on the specific needs of individual organizations and groups; Provide the realization of the basic and performance functions of the product; Combine medical colleges and scientific research institutions to provide targeted assistant services; Combined with the development of information technology, to provide management, service, operation in one of the remote professional services.

Company core technology and research and development strength

Core technology -- Core technology is the embodiment of the company's overall strength and product value, and the mastery of core technology is the key to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At present, the core technology of the company mainly involves the "human simulation technology of biomaterials and polymer composite materials", which includes the skin biotechnology module. Compared with the PVC materials most selected in China at present, the skin and bone images are more realistic, and the texture is soft and durable. The "3D printing and rapid manufacturing technology", which involves the professional production of process modules, improves the manufacturing speed and accuracy of the simulation model with high requirements of complex structure and fineness. The cross-integration of multi-disciplinary technologies, such as "multi-sensor intelligence feedback and artificial intelligence, virtual simulation augmented reality and Internet cloud data application management platform technology", involving software development module, highlights the real sensibility and operability of products. Up to now, the company has accumulated more than 260 independent intellectual property rights, including 17 authorized invention patents.


> National high and new technology enterprise > Through the national "double soft enterprise" certification > National intellectual property advantage enterprises > Council member of China Industrial Development Promotion Association > China's industrial enterprises pilot enterprises in intellectual property application > Second prize of the 8th National Medical Education Technology Outstanding Achievement Award of Chinese Medical Association > China Vocational and Technical Education Association vocational Education Equipment Professional Committee executive member unit > China's top 500 smes and Liaoning's top 500 smes > Yingkou Demonstration Center of National Engineering Research Center of Rapid Manufacturing, and set up academician expert workstation > Medical Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education, designated product research and development production base and simulation innovation base of national Clinical Skills Competition for College Students > In 2018, the company cooperated with Peking University to jointly undertake the development and development of the National Natural Science Foundation project "Research on The Construction of Endoscopic Surgery Learning Environment Based on Biosimulation Materials and Augmented Reality Technology" > In 2002, the company cooperated with Hebei Medical University to jointly complete the development and research of the key project of the Ministry of Education "Multi-media Clinical Skills Comprehensive Training Laboratory System" in the National "Tenth five-year Plan" > In 2014, on behalf of the industry enterprises, the company participated in the formulation of the industry standard of The National Specification for Nursing Professional Instruments and Equipment in Vocational Colleges > The company's r & D projects have been listed in 17 key projects of "Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Innovation Plan", and 7 of them have been rated as "Special and new" products of Liaoning Province

Construction of research and development institutions

> Rapid Manufacturing Academician Expert Workstation (Provincial Association for Science and Technology)
> Liaoning Medical Simulation Standardized Patient Engineering Research Center (NDRC)
> Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Simulation Technology (Department of Science and Technology)
> Provincial Enterprise Technology Center (Industry and Information Technology Department)
> Provincial Industrial Design Center (Department of Industry and Information Technology)
> Ju Cheng (Shijiazhuang) Software Development Center
> Jucheng (Beijing) Research Institute "Medical Simulation Education Science innovation Center"

business administration

In recent years, through the transformation of service-oriented manufacturing focusing on product quality, strengthening the implementation of brand strategy and other aspects of management improvement, the company has formed the overall competitive advantage. Company consulting management team, introduced in 2017, the enterprise comprehensive standardization management, IPO preparation, established U8 finance management system and set up the three pillars of human resources management system, has passed the certification of the intellectual property management system, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, has passed the certification of environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification.


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