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Pediatric intraosseous perfusion model


Product introduction:

Simulate the left leg of the child, with a realistic shape and a real touch. The bone marks on the body surface are clearly accessible. The bone marrow puncture path level and simulated bone marrow are designed. It is suitable for teaching and training of pediatric bone marrow aspiration.
Function parameter:
1. The pediatric bone penetration leg simulation model simulates the child's left leg production, and the leg bone mark is obvious.
2. Select PU foam to simulate leg muscles, polymer skin to make the model look and feel real, the model is resistant to acupuncture, simulate the needle insertion effect of clinical real patients, and the simulated bone marrow fluid can be drawn out after successful puncture.
3. The model can be used for the operation of anterior tibial bone penetration in children, which is convenient for teachers and students of medical colleges to teach and train.


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