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Baby with Down’s syndrome simulation model


Product introduction:

Simulate Down's syndrome baby, realistic appearance, real touch, complete anatomical structure, flexible joint movement, design dementia face. It can carry out nursing operation training such as washing face of baby, grooming hair, bathing, changing clothes, breastfeeding, etc. It is suitable for understanding and receiving education of children with physical defects.
Function parameter:
1. Model skin is soft and elastic.
2. The baby has a special "dementia face". The distance between the two eyes is widened, the eye crack is small, the outer corner of the eye is upward, the internal defect is obvious, the nose bridge is collapsed, the tongue is opened, the congenital multiple deformities, the pillow is flat, and the hand is through.
3. Washing baby's face, washing hair, changing clothes, etc.
4. Cute appearance and beautiful dress, so that children can understand and accept children with physical defects in their learning.


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