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Lacrimal irrigation model


Product introduction:

Simulate the head and face of an adult male, with a realistic appearance, clear and accessible body surface signs, a complete and detailed eye structure and tear ducts, and a real feel. Training for lacrimal irrigation can be performed.
Function parameter:
1. The model simulates the male head and can simulate normal lacrimal irrigation operations.
2. The model's skin is soft and the tissue tension and elasticity are real.
4. The model has the normal anatomy and deconstruction of the lacrimal duct, including two lacrimal canaliculus on the left and right sides, and two lacrimal canaliculus on the left and right sides. Each lacrimal canal can be changed as the angle of the needle changes according to the actual needs of the operation.
5. The rinsing operation is correct, and liquid can be seen flowing from the nasal cavity or from the mouth.
6. According to the needs of training and assessment, simulated pus can be added to the simulated lacrimal canal to carry out irrigation training after lacrimal duct obstruction.


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