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Breast cancer palpation and visual training model


Product introduction:

Using realistic skin materials and tissue materials with appropriate elasticity, different pathological features of breast cancer are designed. The visual effects and palpation feel are realistic, and they can also touch the supraclavicular lymph nodes and axillary lymph nodes. Can be used as teaching and training for breast cancer examination.
Function parameter:
1. The model is the upper body of an adult female. It has an external appearance, soft skin material and a realistic feel.
2. Provide a variety of breast lesion characteristics, fully meet the needs of teaching.
3. Nodular malignant tumors with hard texture and non-smooth surface can be touched.
4. It can touch benign nodules with relatively soft texture and smooth surface.
5. Visible nipple depression, nipple rupture, and bloody fluid overflow.
6. Visible changes in breast orange peel.
7. The supraclavicular lymph nodes and hard axillary lymph nodes can be touched.


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