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Pregnant women obstetric examination electronic standardized patients


Product introduction:

Simulate the pregnant woman in July, with a realistic appearance and a real clear and accessible body surface marks, adjustable abdomen bulge, adjustable fetal heart, can be placed outside, and adjustable fetal position. It is suitable for operation training such as four-step palpation method, extra-pelvic measurement, fetal heart monitoring, and prenatal breast care.
Function parameter:
1. Appearance image, soft material, realistic feeling.
2. Pregnant women who are 7 months pregnant can be adjusted with inflation to adjust the abdominal bulge.
3. Four parts palpation method, extra-pelvic measurement, fetal heart monitoring, prenatal breast care.
4. The frequency of fetal heart sounds can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 80 times/minute to 220 times/minute.
5. A stethoscope can be used for auscultation of the fetal heart sound on the simulated pregnant woman's abdomen, and the "fetal heart sound" can also be taught "outside".
6. The controller can display the fetal heart rate value, or it can be shielded to enter the assessment mode.
7. The standardized patient's abdominal skin can be easily opened to adjust the position of the simulated fetus.


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