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Tracheotomy nursing training model


Product introduction:
Simulating the upper body of an adult male, the anatomical structure of the mouth, nasal cavity, and throat is accurate, and the neck body surface is clearly visible, showing the complete structure of the mouth and throat. It is suitable for postoperative nursing training of tracheotomy and oral nursing operation training.
Function parameter:
1. The model simulates the upper body of an adult male, with obvious anatomical structures such as thyroid cartilage, ring cartilage, and suprasternal fossa.
2. The model simulates the tracheotomy state, the incision of the skin and trachea is accurate, and the skin incision is intermittently sutured.
3. The oral cavity of the model can be opened, the internal anatomical structure of the oral cavity is complete, and oral nursing training can be conducted.
4. Disinfection and dressing training around the incision can be performed.

5. Simulated sputum suction training can be performed, and sputum can be sucked out with correct operation.
6. Relevant operations for tracheal intubation care can be performed to keep the cannula clean and unobstructed.
7. Airway humidification can be performed, antibiotics can be dripped from the tracheal tube to prevent infection.


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