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Artificial human laparoscope operation training instrument


Product introduction:

Simulate a real abdomen, with clear anatomical structure and organization level, designed full-thickness abdominal wall structure, hepatic cyst and renal cyst module, intestinal anastomosis module, laparoscopic operation training box module, etc., equipped with simulated laparoscope, camera, display and so on. It is suitable for laparoscopic operation training, laparoscopic liver cystectomy operation training, renal cyst resection operation training, ureteral anastomosis operation training, etc. It can also be used for laparoscopic finger operation training.
Function parameter:
1. The training box simulates the structure of the human abdomen, making laparoscopic training closer to clinical surgery.
2. There is a liver cyst module and a kidney cyst module inside the abdomen. The simulated cyst module for liver cyst and kidney cyst resection training can be replaced.
3. Using the training box can be used for ureter anastomosis training, can practice other similar blood vessel anastomosis, band clamp can hold the simulated intestinal canal, used for intestinal anastomosis training.
4. Using the training box can carry out bean training, can train the coordination of both hands.
5. The training box can be used to carry out pin-pin and pin-down training.
6. Using the training box can be used to cut graphics training.
7. Training film tearing can be carried out by using the training box.


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