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Infant malnutrition model


Product introduction:

Simulate 10-month-old malnourished infants, realistic appearance, real touch, complete anatomical structure, flexible joint activities, design of malnourished infants, infant growth and development index measurement training.
Function parameter:
1. The high-simulation baby is 10 months old, with flexible skin all over the body, elastic subcutaneous tissue, realistic appearance, and real touch.
2. The highly simulated baby has complete body bones, joint ligaments, and muscular tissues, which can realize various bionic movements of the human body, and can be placed in various diagnosis and treatment positions at will.
3. The model is a 10-month-old baby, but the length is only 67 cm, the head circumference is 46 cm, and the chest circumference is 43.5 cm.
4. The model has flexible joints and can be placed according to the requirements of clinical infant growth and development indicators.
5. It is available for students to conduct training for measuring infant growth and development indicators.


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