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Newborn bath electronic monitoring assessment training model


Product introduction:

Simulate full-term newborns with realistic appearance, realistic touch, complete anatomical structure, and flexible joint movement, especially in the design image of the facial features and umbilicus, and the sound warning when the head and neck are excessively reclined. It can be used for newborn bathing training.
Function parameter:
1. The model conforms to the weight, length, head circumference, chest circumference, body proportions and anatomy of real full-term newborns. The whole body has flexible simulated skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissues, simulated bone structure, real feel and elastic touch.
2. Can be placed in various bionic positions, with high joint mobility.

3. Realistic facial structure simulation, smooth nostrils and realistic auricles.
4. The appearance of the umbilical cord and residual umbilical cord of the newborn is realistic, the skin is soft and elastic, and the feel is real.
5. The model can be used for newborn bathing training. You can use your thumb and middle finger to cover your ears with your thumb and middle finger while taking a bath. You can wash your head, face and body with your head back.
6. Can be used for umbilical cord care. Wipe gently with a 75% alcohol swab from the middle of the umbilical cord.
7. Caring for nasal cavity and ears. Simulated nasal droppings can be provided and gently brought out with a cotton swab. A cotton swab can be used to gently clean the external auditory meatus.
8. If the operation is improper and the model head is tilted back excessively, there will be an alarm prompt.


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