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Infant growth and development index measurement training model


The baby has a complete shape and anatomical structure. The knee and ankle movements are flexible. Different growth indicators and head and neck posture error prompts are designed. It is suitable for neonatal development index measurement training.
Function parameter:
1. The model has 2 neonatal simulation models with different growth indexes. These two models are 1 set, and are equipped with a weight scale with a height measurement tray for student training and assessment. The whole body has flexible simulated skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissues, real feel and elastic touch.
2. The above two newborn models (both boys) have heights of 46.5CM and 50CM, head circumferences of 31CM and 34CM, and weights of 2.3KG and 3.3KG, respectively.

3. Length measurement: The knee and ankle joints of the newborn simulation model can move freely, and the legs are bent in a natural state. When measuring the length of the newborn, the operator can straighten the knee of the newborn and push it Straighten the newborn's feet so that they are at a 90-degree angle to the legs.
4. There is a circuit inside the simulation model. When the operator is measuring the newborn, if the neck is not held in time, the head of the newborn is obviously tilted back, and the red light is on.


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