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Senior Newborn Tracheotomy Nursing Simulator


Product introduction:

Simulate full-term newborns with realistic appearance, real touch, complete anatomical structure, flexible joint movement, and specially designed tracheotomy path, suitable for nursing operation training after tracheotomy of newborns.
Function parameter:
1. Simulate full-term newborns with realistic appearance, flexible simulated skin all over the body, subcutaneous and muscular tissues, real feel, elastic touch, simulated bone structure, flexible joints of limbs, clear body surface marks, and real touch.
2. A tracheotomy incision is designed to simulate the neck of a newborn, and it is equipped with an endotracheal tube, which can be used for multiple nursing operations after tracheotomy.
(1) Practice tracheotomy care.
(2) Practice sputum suction.
(3) Practice cleaning and nursing techniques of tracheal tube.
(4)Newborns can move freely in the head, neck, hands and legs, and can take holistic care and take a bath.


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