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Training model of maxillary sinus puncture


Product introduction:

Simulate the head and neck of an adult, with a realistic shape and a realistic operation feel. The complete and detailed structure of the external nose, nasal cavity and maxillary sinus are designed. Training of maxillary sinus puncture can be performed.
Function parameter:
1. This model is an adult male head, simulating real skin texture, the model material feels real;
2. The nasal cavity of the model can be trained for maxillary sinus puncture. The operation of the nasal turbinate under the puncture has a sense of breakthrough, and the pus can be washed in the cavity of the maxillary sinus. During the flushing, liquid and pus can be seen flowing out from the opening of the maxillary sinus of the middle nasal passage.
3. The model can undergo repeated puncture training.

4. The model is compact and easy to carry.


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