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Gynecological examination simulation model


Product introduction:

Simulate the anatomical structure of the adult female in lithotomy position, with a realistic appearance and a real hand feel. It has designed any combination of 8 uterus and 8 cervix replacement components. Operation training such as examination, cervical examination and vaginal smear.
Function parameter:
1. Correct gynecological examination posture, the skin of the model is flexible, and the feel is realistic.
2. With 8 uterus and 8 cervixes, can be combined arbitrarily.
3. Available operations: double-combined examination, triple-check examination, digital rectal examination, colposcopy, cervical examination, and vaginal smear.
4. The uterine model is: moderately backward uterus (2), forward flexion uterus, uterine fibroids, left salpingitis, right salpingitis, uterine malformation and right salpingitis, left ovarian cyst.
5. Cervical models are: normal cervix (2), transpartum cervix, cervical with increased mucus secretion, acute cervicitis, cervical cancer, cervical gland cysts, cervical polyps.


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