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Diagnostic curettage training model


Product introduction:

Simulated bladder lithotomy position of adult female pelvic thigh. The anatomy and structure of the vulva are clear. The bony muscular signs on the body surface are obvious. The appearance is realistic and the feel is real. The vagina and uterus are designed, suitable for general diagnostic curettage and segmented diagnostic curettage operation training, as well as double-combination examination training.
Function parameter:
1. The model is an adult female's abdomen, pelvis and upper third of thethigh, which is a simulated "bladder lithotomy position".
2. The appearance of the model is realistic and beautiful, the design is reasonable, the elasticity and softness of the skin are high, and the simulation degree is high.
3. The anatomical structure of the model is accurate, with complete labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vagina, cervix, uterus and other structures.
4. Double checkups can be performed.
5. The skin and soft tissues of the vagina and perineum have good elasticity, and a vaginal speculum can be used.
6. The cervical tissue material is elastic and has good toughness. It can be used to clamp the anterior or posterior lip of the cervix, which is not easy to damage.
7. Two kinds of operation training: "general diagnosis curettage" and "section diagnosis curettage".
8. Endometrium and cervical canal can be smeared with "simulated scraping tissue" to improve the realism of operation.


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