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Teaching simulation model of delivery mechanism


The product contains a simulated female pelvis, with a realistic appearance, a real feel, and a correct anatomical structure. It can demonstrate the whole process of childbirth. It is equipped with 2 fetuses and has an umbilical cord. It is suitable for demonstrating fetal delivery process, twin delivery and dystocia, umbilical cord and umbilical cord prolapse treatment, etc.
Function parameter:
1. The female pelvic model simulates the actual size, and highly restores the anatomical structure of the hip bone, sacrum, coccyx, the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae (including the lumbar intervertebral disc) and the sacral promontory, pubic symphysis, ischial spine, and ischial tuberosity.
2. The shape of the pelvis model is typical, and the anatomical characteristics are prominent. The diameter data of the entrance plane, the middle pelvis plane, and the exit plane all restore normal human body data, which can be used for teaching and training of pelvic measurement.
3. Intuitively demonstrate the 8 processes of fetal delivery: articulation, descent, flexion, internal rotation, extension, reduction, external rotation, and fetal delivery.
4. Equipped with two simulated fetuses, can demonstrate twin delivery and dystocia.
5. Teaching to handle umbilical cord and umbilical cord prolapse can be performed.


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