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Hand dorsal vein infusion training model


Product introduction:

Simulates the adult right forearm and works with replaceable modules. The back vein of the module is complete, the appearance is realistic, and the feel is real. The circulating blood pump and the blood vessel (two different difficulties) are designed. Suitable for venipuncture operation training.
Function parameter:
1. The model simulation simulates the right forearm of a normal human body, which combines with the module naturally, has a delicate appearance and is easy to operate.
2. The module has a complete dorsal venous vascular system, the skin appearance and feel are real, and the effect of acupuncture resistance is good.
3. At the puncture site, puncture at the correct needle insertion angle and depth. After successful puncture, blood return can be seen.
4. The simulated blood circulation pump is connected to the blood vessel of the module without the need for an external infusion bag; equipped with an electronic monitoring device, the tourniquet must be ligated, the tourniquet is not ligated or the position is incorrect, and there is no return of blood from the puncture; after the ligation of the tourniquet correctly, the blood vessel bulge can be seen The veins in the back of the hand can bend, tighten the skin, and return blood after successful puncture. After loosening the tourniquet, continuous infusion can be performed and the drip rate can be adjusted, and liquid cannot be infused without releasing the tourniquet.
5. The infusion bag can be connected for the operation of the dorsal vein infusion, and the drip speed can be adjusted (0-60 drops/min).
6. The model is equipped with two puncture modules of different difficulty. The consumables are easy to replace, which is convenient for repeated training and improve the puncture technology.


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