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Bionic standardized patients with tracheal intubation


Product introduction:

Bionic standardized patient for endotracheal intubation is a simulation model for endotracheal intubation training. The material of the simulated human skin and soft tissue is environmentally friendly and durable, with good elasticity and real touch. It has the characteristics of accurate anatomical signs, realistic shapes and beautiful appearance. It can be used for teaching demonstration and operation training of transoral endotracheal intubation technology; Training for students, junior clinical medical staff, and various on-site emergency personnel.
Function parameter:
1. The model simulation simulates the upper body of an adult male, lying on his back, his mouth can be opened, and the airway can be opened by lifting his head and raising his jaw.

2. The facial features of the model are coordinated, and the anatomical structures of the teeth, tongue, epiglottis, and glottis in the mouth are accurate;
3. Before intubation, the mask can be identified for oxygen supply, and the thoracic ups and downs can be expressed with the balloon compression;
4. It can detect whether the tooth is used as the fulcrum during the operation of the laryngoscope, and it has the alarm function of tooth stress;
5. Normal adult males have an endotracheal intubation depth of about 22-24 cm. After correct intubation, the simulative person can independently perform thoracic fluctuations during ventilation;
6. It can detect whether the intubation enters the esophagus by mistake. If the endotracheal intubation enters the esophagus by mistake, the esophagus error indicator lights up;
7. Can detect whether the intubation depth is correct. For example, if the endotracheal tube is inserted too deep, the over-deep indicator light is on. At this time, if the balloon is ventilated, the simulant will show unilateral chest undulations


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